Feel the beauty in your hands with the Huawei Ascend P7

The Ascend P7 packs a sleek 7-layer surface treatment design never seen before in a smartphone. The result is a truly unique tactile experience with a Spin effect texture finish that redefines smartphone craftsmanship.

Do not be fooled by its 6.5 mm thin dimension, this is a smartphone that doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to exceptional features and functionality. the bottom corners of the Ascend P7’s unibody build follow a powerfully natural and fluid design, inspired by a drop of water spreading on a glass surface. The finely balanced curve makes a perfect fit for your hands.

Now that redefines the possibilities of the smartphone camera experience. The 8MP 5-piece aspherical lens front camera incorporates a Blue Glass infrared sensor that enhances the clarity of every photo, helping to avoid object deformation and purple fringing, making every moment you capture a treasure.

The Ascend P7 comes with an innovative Panorama Selfie feature, which means you can create spectacular self-portraits with a wide panoramic background. Now, wherever you find yourself you can put yourself in the picture, and include every detail of the amazing world that surrounds you.

Perfect for the ultimate selfies, the Ascend P7’s 13MP rear-camera makes every single pixel count. The photosensitive f/2.0 aperture 5-piece ISP lens and BSI sensor, originally developed for use in high-performance digital cameras, enables never-been-seen clarity at night or indoors.

The Ascend P7 is built for enhanced connectivity in the era of lightning-fast 4G LTE. But when you’re away from a 4G network and need to improve the stability of your signal, or just want to save some extra battery power by using a 3G connection, the Ascend P7 switches automatically between networks.

With the Ascend P7’s running out of battery life is now a thing of the past. When the battery charge begins to run down, Ultra Power Saving mode shuts down the functions that drain your battery the most, leaving calling and texting and giving you an incredible 24 hours standby time on just a 10% charge.