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Whether it’s being used on the slopes, on a bike, up a mountain or on a building site, the S50 copes with anything that’s thrown at it. No matter if it’s wet, cold, dusty or dirty, nothing compromises the S50’s performance.Get thiS CAT S50 mobile phone now.The S50 is waterproof and the screen can be used even with wet fingers.The S50 is also the first Cat Phone to be launched pre-loaded with a dedicated App Store offering a hand picked collection of apps suitable to you. The collection includes both well known and widely used apps and smaller niche but equally useful ones.
Cat S50 is now available in all leading cellular networks in South Africa.Mtn is offering it on their My MTNChoice 100 for R509 pm x 24 months.iWarehouse has it on offer for R8,589.00 .

Cat S50
Cat S50